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The world of construction is continually on the move and therefore our coverage and response to it must keep pace.

We rely on the support of our readers and the construction community at large within the city, to keep going. We appreciate our audience and their loyalty. Therefore, as a mark of our appreciation we arrange events based around their needs within Philadelphia.

This translates into events such as conventions, lectures, seminars, interviews and careers information, being regularly staged by our publication.

In addition to the conventions and annual conference, we are also proud to partner with various other organizations within Philadelphia, to bring other events to the people.

This year, we are pleased to be able to announce a Careers Fayre, in the City Hall and also several other seminars, which are still under discussion.

It is important to us to keep our readership updated, in terms of all the opportunities that there are for them within the city and also the state in general.

We want to be the ones to help them expand and build the best for our cities – for all our sakes.

And we are more than just a publication which comes out once a month and appears on the newsstands.

We also have a significant online presence, which means digital and social media.

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