Pitch It Right!

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You’re a professional tradesperson – not a marketer, aren’t you?

It can be tough working all day and then being forced to spend all your free time hunting for fresh work.

Especially if you have a team relying on you for their next paycheck.

So here’s how to take the sting out of preparing the all important pitch for contracts.

Follow these and you might even have the time to put your feet up when you get home on an evening!


When it comes to looking at the jobs you are pitching for, it helps to know what you and your crew really excel at.

Are these smaller projects? Domestic jobs or commercial ones?

Once you have an idea of your capabilities, it should point you in the direction of the right types of job to bid for.

If something seems a bit out of your usual comfort zone, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you don’t feel equipped to truly take it on, then don’t.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing your limitations and sticking to the stuff you know you can do well. 


Instead of forcing yourself to bid on every and any job that comes along, compile a shortlist of the jobs you would really like to do.

This way you will feel genuinely enthused when making the application to do them and your attitude will shine through.

Also, by spending all night, every night, completing bids and pricing for jobs, you are inevitably becoming that bit more tired with each attempt.

We would suggest limiting yourself to a certain amount of time to bid or price jobs and then stop.

You’ll feel fresher and automatically only pick jobs you feel you can genuinely do.


What is the most important thing to consider when pricing for jobs?

It’s not the shiny new equipment you have got – impressive though it is. It’s the people you have on your team.

It’s their hard work and attitude, which ultimately will make or break a project.

So, make sure you include the human element and play up all the experience and great things about your team!


Remember, fulfilling the brief is only the beginning.

In reality, the contractor wants someone who will do more. So remember this when you are bidding for contracts!

Always offer to do more than the job asks for – like a guaranteed completion date, for example.

Follow these tips to get more of the types of job you really want – and your evenings back to yourself!